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South East London


Based in South East London, I am a fully qualified boxing coach with over 15 years experience in combat sports. In 2017 I won gold at the Haringey Box Cup becoming Champion in the 69kg category. Having over 20 fights I reached the elite level. I am also experienced in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and competed professionally on shows such as the Muay Thai Grand Prix held at the o2 London. My coaching has been a natural progression and has been a full-time profession since 2016. I have coached all abilities from top level amateurs, white collar and complete beginners. So whether you are just starting in boxing, an elite boxer or you just want to get in great shape, I can devise tailored training programs specific to you.


The satisfaction of seeing clients smash their fitness goals is truly rewarding. It could be simply losing weight, getting stronger or seeing them compete for the first time - there's no prouder feeling. Like with training for my fights, I approach coaching clients with patience, discipline and determination. In the last 7 years I have managed a variety of clients - they ranged from complete beginners, to white-collar contenders, to elite championship boxers. No matter who you are or what skill level, I will be able to work with you and deliver life changing results.


John's calm and considered style of training manages to get the best from me and I am thinner, fitter and stronger than I have been in many years.

Will Martyr - Testimonial

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